Friday, 7 November 2008


The feedback shows that the credits at the end worked and created effect. It also says that the music works but can be repetitive, although this links to someone being paranoid. The snapshots with the camera sound also adds effect. The camerawork was good and having it as though someone was following the girl makes it more realistic. Also having some parts in black and white also adds effect and breaks it up so it is not repetitive. This also shows the difference between bad and good characters.


sian's rough evaluation

In my media product I used conventions of a real media product as I used suspense and mystery in my thriller which are used in real thriller films we also set are opening scene in a forest, because it is typical of a horror and it chilling. Our thriller film represents teenagers as that who is in our film typical teenagers. I think the media institution that would distribute are film would be television, as it is similar to what would be television drama. The audience for are film would be teenagers and adults as I feel it would appeal to both, we used quick images and modern technology that I feel would appeal to teenager, however also adults would enjoy it aswell. To attract then we used short, quick images and modern technology, this is so it would be interesting and keep are audience attracted. I have learnt how to use a computer better and also the video camera. I also didn’t know how to use garageband or final, whereas I do now.


Rachels rough evaluation

My media product uses conventions of real media products because it uses scenarios which are used in real thriller films. The mise – en – scene is a forest which is typical of many of thriller scenes because it can be mysterious and easy to get lost in. The media institution which would distribute my media product would be cinema because it is a thriller film so would be first released in the cinema. The audience for it would be young people both male and female, around 16 – 30. This is because the main characters are around age 16 so it is easier for them to relate to what is happening in the film. To attract them, we used flashing images so that they would be interested to find out what is actually happening. Also, the storyline used is one that they could easily pick up what is happening so they could spend more time trying to figure out what is going to happen next. I have learnt how to use a video camera better and also the software on the computer. Before the task I didn’t know how to use GarageBand or FinalCut but now have a good understanding of how to use the basics of both of them. Although I used them both in the preliminary task, I now have a much better understanding of how to use both because I have had to use them both in a lot more detail.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rough cut

This is the rough cut of our Thriller opening sequence. We haven't added in sound yet because we don't know yet what type we want to put in.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

editing 1

Today we finished capturing all the footage we had filmed and started to edit it. we decided to use shoot of the killer stalking her and setting the scene by using forest images. This will then lead up to the killer finding the girl and going up and talking to her which will be the end of our opening.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

test shot and title

We started to film and got some test shots of the kind of shots we will edit in. These shots were things like flashing views of the forest and the surrounding area and shots of Rachel in different places. We then loaded this into finalcut ready to add in other footage after we have filmed it.

We then decided on the name of the film. We decided to call it "Captured" becuase this links in with the themes of both the pictures and the stalking of the main characters and the fact that they will be captured by the killer.


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Shot list

We started the shot list so that we knew what to film for tomorrow. We also took some pictures of Rachel to use in the fiilm to show that the killer had been following her for a while. We will take a few on different days so that it looks authentic.

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We completed the animatic storyboard, match the music with the pictures so it was all at the same time. We linked the music to what was happening in the pictures, so that is all fitted together.

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prop list

1. Plastic tesco bag
2. Knife

These are the props we're going to use in the filming process.

prop list


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

soundtrack and animated storyboard

We carried on with the soundtrack and started to mix different sounds to create an overall fuller track. We also finished the storyboard and took picturess of this to load into Finalcut. This means that we can now import the soundtarck and the storyboard both into finalcut and match them together so that they link together and aren't mismatched.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Story board and starting the soundtrack

We carried on the storyboard and started to create the soundtrack which will be used for the animated storyboard. The soundtrack will start off quiet and increase as the camera zooms out and the killer is revealed to be watching the two girls. There will then be a dramatic sound when the killer is shown. As the camera then follows the killer the music will become very fast and dramatic as it tries to keep up with the killers movements. It will end with the music totally fading out and just having silent as teh killer starts to move towards the two girls.


Friday, 3 October 2008

Intial Ideas

Our intial idea is that there is a man following and watching two girls, it shows the photographs he has been taking and the weapon he is going to use.
The shots we are going to use are pan shots, long shots,reverse shots.
It first starts of with the man watching the two victims and taking photographs of them, it then goes to him walking back into the forest and moves in on the camera in his hand. After this is shows the pictures he has taken and he adds a new one to his collection. we then see him at the pond and getting a weapon and putting it in his bag. It then goes to the end of college and we see the two girls again, after this we see them walking by themselves and then we see the man/killer it ends with a shot of the killer and the girls as he is getting closer to them.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

anaylisis of a thriller

The opening scequence for student as work has the suspense of a typical thriller, it also contains the dramatic music that helps build to the tension.

Monday, 15 September 2008